Eye examanition

High eye pressure


Your eye can be described as a sink, in which the drain is always open and the faucet is always running. This makes the aqueous humor to constantly circulate through the anterior chamber. The aqueous humor flows between the lens and the iris in order to nourish the cornea and the lens. After that it flows out through the “drain” of the eye, called trabecular meshwork. If the “drain” becomes clogged aqueous can not leave the eye at the same rate as it is produced causing pressure to build up within the eye.


Once the pressure has started to build up it will affect the eye’s weakest point, which is the site in the sclera at which the optic nerve leaves the eye. The optic nerve is part of the central nervous system that carries information from the eye to the brain. When the eye pressure increases the optic nerve becomes damage and cells within the optic nerve start to undergo a slow process of cell death. The death of these cells and the degeneration of the nerve fibres in the optic nerve can result in permanent vision loss.

If you want to learn more about glaucoma and eye pressure, please visit: www.glaucomafoundation.org

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