Published Monday, February 29, 2016 10:09
New investments helps BioResonator intensify the fight against glaucoma

BioResonator Good Eye AB, with headquarters in Umea, develops and sells tonometer’s that significantly simplifies diagnose of glaucoma. The company has secured two new investors to help the company to expand faster in Europe.
– Thanks to these investments, we can focus entirely on expansion and sales, says Fredrik Jonsson, CEO of BioResonator Good Eye AB.

BioResonator´s great competitive advantage is the simplicity and ease of use of their premium tonometer ART.With ART, an initial high quality glaucoma diagnosis can be performed already at the primary care or in eye clinics, this opens up for much time- and resource savings for health care providers around the world. Glaucoma is common; 2% of the population at the age of 40 and 6% of those at 75 has it, and the number increases with age. Half of the people with disease are unaware of it, this is unfortunate since the disease can, if left untreated, cause blindness. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent much suffering and also save much money.
- BioResonator has an interesting product derived from research at Umea University, says Markus Olsson, CEO, Fort Knox AB, one of the new investors. We believe that the scientifically proven benefits with this product, has good potential for improved glaucoma treatment, and thus also for the company to be successful.
- The fact that the method does not require a specially trained operator or ophthalmologist, is a great benefit, as more clinics around the world can use ART®, says Mattias Eriksson, Investment Manager at Partners Invest Northern Norrland AB also stepping in as new owners.
BioResonator Good Eye AB is part of the venture Biotech Umea and Uminova Innovations incubator program. Sales of ART® takes place both through its own channels and through distributors worldwide. See the movies here about how the product works.
For further information contact:
Fredrik Jonsson, SEO BioResonator Good Eye AB +46 70-653 63 29
Mattias Eriksson, Investment Manager Partnerinvest Övre Norrland AB +46 70-539 39 98
Ander Blom, Chairman BioResonator Good Eye AB +46 70-514 44 80

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