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Bioresonator Good Eye and its product ART® is a revolutionary alternative to the established Goldmann technology (Golden std) for measuring intraocular pressure, IOP. By combining basic tonometry with innovative digital solutions tonometer ART has made it possible to perform intraocular pressure measurements (IOP) easier and with more accuracy than before.


ART method for measuring intraocular pressure can also be named applanation tonometry, and contact tonometry.

ART is a premium tonometer not only for screening and monitoring of IOP, but as an important part of diagnosing glaucoma within Ophthalmology.


ART address to ophthalmologists but with its user-friendliness also to primary care, optometrists and other health care providers performing IOP measurement with high quality.


In time and with greater establishment in the market ART has potential to challenge Goldmann as the "Golden std".  There are well known shortcomings or influencing factors that Goldmann does not handle with great care. Biomechanics, laser surgery or laser-treated eyes (see abstract in studies), corneal thickness. ART is measuring true IOP.


The products


BioResonator Good Eye has three products, ART® Manual, ART® Servo and ART® Handheld (ART handheld). The technology behind ART® is designed to make it easy for all users to quickly, easily and accurately obtain an objective result without need of extensive training. ART® has proven to be less dependent of corneal characteristics and appearances than other IOP devices, ART does not require fluorescein, only a soft anesthetic drop.


ART® Servo is our product specifically designed combining accuracy and easy to use. Anyone can easily learn to perform intraocular pressure measurements within 15 minutes. The only thing operator needs to do, to get an accurate and objective measurement result, is to put ART® Servo in the right position in front of the patient and then press remote button.


Art is the only tonometer possible to use in any position from laying down to siting up, even backwards or upside down. Art is not affected by gravity, at the moment NASA is involved in studies using ART tonometry.


BioResonator ART® is compatible with most of the slit lamp, bio-microscopes, microscope on the market.


ART Handheld accessory is now available which brings great benefits to the product.


With ART handheld you can measure eye pressure and perform eye examination with the same high quality both as handheld and stationary in slit lamp. ART is the only tonometer on the market that have this flexibility.


Advantages of ART®, ART benefits

  • Easy to use, you need 15 minutes to learn and perform quality measurements
  • Minimal training required for accurate measurements.
  • Less dependence on corneal characteristics and thicknesses, even laser treated eyes
  • Fast, accurate and objective data, independent of operator
  • No disposable products
  • Swedish developed and manufactured premium tonometer, Made in Sweden
  • Patient Safe

Added benefits with ART handheld (Art Handheld)

  • ART Handheld is the only tonometer on the market measuring patients in any position, from laying down to sitting up. This is a totally unique property and sometimes crucial in order to perform measurements!
  • Flexibility and mobility, Same ART instrument can be used both in the slit lamp (stationary) and as a handheld device, totally unique property!
  • Less dependence on corneal properties
  • Fast, accurate and objective data, independent of operator


Videos of Tonometer ART





Animated demonstration of ART® Tonometer



Demonstration of ART®

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