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Tonometer ART Handheld - Now available


BioResonator ART Handheld, ART handheld, makes it possible to use ART Servo both as a hand held tonometer but also as a stationary unit mounted on a bio microscope or slit lamp. It's fast and easy to switch between these two modes. ART is the only tonometer on the market with this flexibility.

ART handheld tonometer provides same high level of accuracy as handheld unit. Previously only achieved by stationary or slit-lamp measurement.

ART is also the only tonometer on the market capable of measuring intraocular pressure in 0 to 90 degrees, which means that the patient can either sit, lie down or be in a semi-sitting position. ART measure IOP independently of the position of patient and instrument.


This allows ART to be a very useful and flexible contact tonometer that can meet all patients' requirements, whether they cannot sit up or even get to the place where the eye pressure is usually measured.

ART is manufactured and developed in Sweden. A Swedish-made premium tonometer for ophthalmologists, general practicing doctors and nurses. Users in specialist ophthalmology clinics, primary care, emergency care and other health care providers. Simplicity combined with advanced resonance technology provides great conditions for quality tonometry, thereby providing a better option for accurate diagnosis of glaucoma.



  • Can measure in all angles, 0-90 degrees, regardless of the position of the patient
  • Flexibility and mobility, slit-lamp or handheld use, using same unit
  • Regardless of the user, independent of the operator
  • Easy to use, user friendly
  • Less affected by corneal properties, such as corneal thickness or laser treated eyes.

We have seen a huge market interest in our new ART handheld, take this opportunity and contact us to learn more about ART and how you can get the opportunity to try and buy our new IOP devices, applanation tonometer, using unique resonance technology developed by leading ophthalmology scientists in Sweden.



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ART Handheld Slit-lamp mounted

ART Handheld with R-mount

ART Handheld with F-mount

ART Handheld

Product sheet

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You will now be able to get your ART Handheld in one of these super quality, heavy duty, suitcase or Backpack that are Waterproof and have a life time guarantee!

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