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The BioResonator ART® is a revolutionary alternative to the Goldmann technique. Combining the basic applanation approach with novel digital solutions the BioResonator ART® makes IOP measurement with at tonometer both easier and more accurate. The BioResonator ART® is compatible with all major slit lamps.


BioResonator Good Eye have three Tonometer products, ART® Manual, ART® Servo and ART® Handheld. The technique behind ART® is designed to make it easy for all users to get a fast, accurate and objective result without much training. ART® has also been proven to be less dependent on cornea properties and the eye examinations does not require any fluorescein.
ART® Servo is our product that has been specifically designed to have a clear focus on usability so that everyone can easily learn how to operate it. The only thing the operator need to do is to put ART® Servo in the right position in fron of the patient and press a button, and the unit does the eye examination for you.  


Advantages of ART®, ART benefits

  • Easy to use, you need 15 minutes to learn and perform quality measurements
  • Minimal training required for accurate measurements.
  • Less dependence on corneal characteristics and thicknesses, even laser treated eyes
  • Fast, accurate and objective data, independent of operator
  • No disposable products
  • Swedish developed and manufactured premium tonometer, Made in Sweden
  • Patient Safe

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ART Manuel

ART Servo

ART Handheld



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Animated demonstration of ART® Tonometer




Demonstration of ART®

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