• Is IOP measurement with ART easy to perform?
  • Yes, according to market feed-back ART is very easy to use, you will only need a short introduction to perform top quality measurements. ART Servo: Put sensor 4-10 mm from eye and then push the remote-control button and you will get value presented on screen. ART manual is using exactly the same technology, only difference is that you will move it towards eye mechanically guided by audio signals.
  • What are the unique features of ART?
  • ART is the only tonometer on the market that can measure in all angels no matter of position of the patient. ART is the only tonometer that can be used both stationary and as a mobile device measuring handheld. ART manage to combine top quality measurements and results with user-friendliness. You will get results that is independent of operator. It does not matter if it is doctor one, two or nurse three or four who performes the IOP measurement, you will all get the same results.
  • Unique technology features?
  • ART is using unique patented resonance technology developed at Umeå University Hospital in cooperation with Bioresonator Good Eye. The product and its technology is thoroughly validated in numerous studies. See references for studies about ART and its unique technological features.
  • Is ART measurement painless?
  • Yes, the doctor or nurse will put a small anesthetic drop in your Eye, you will not feel anything. The light anesthetic will hold for a few minutes.
  • Why 3-6 measurements?
  • To secure and validate a very high quality on measuring data ART need at least 3 measurements. If there is any deviations in the first 3 measurements, ART will suggest you to perform more measurements. Results are presented as Q1, Q2 or Q3. Q1 is perfect, Q2 is ok and Q3 informs you that you should redo the measurement. This is a quality index that ensures the user that the results are reliable. Normally you will get a Q1 after 3 measurements.
  • Will thickness or corneal shape affect results?
  • Compared with most other tonometer on the market ART is less dependent of cornea properties. This make ART the obvious choice when measuring after eye surgery e.g Lasik or similar surgeries.
  • Service and maintenance?
  • In order to assure top quality data ART shall be recalibrated every 12 months.


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